Rules and Regulations Formentera to Run

Art. 1 Organization

ZITOWAY Sport & Adventure di Modena , created, owns the brand, and takes care of the sport and logistic organization of the 10th edition of the “Formentera To Run”.
The race will take place from the 27th May to the 2rd June 2019 in Formentera Island, Balears. The technical and touristic organization and the distribution are taken care by Melville – Born 2 Run, based in Reggio Emilia.

Art. 2 The race

The “Formentera To Run” is a trail running race in off-road environment, on a approximately 60 km distance split on 5 stages in 5 days.
It can be completed running, walking (Nordic walking o simply walking) or in mixed gait between running and walking. For the Nordic Walking Sport category the program is equivalent to the runner’s one with timing and ranking, while for the Walkers the test is without time and without final classification with maximum freedom in the choice of distance.


The subscription to the race officially and automatically involves the acceptance of this reglement in every section. The acceptance itself allows the organization to modify the reglement in any moment of the race, as per the following art. 16.


The runners must be 18 years old, men or women and Italians only, must show a compulsory medical certificate issued by a sport medicine specialized doctor; the certificate, is only recommended for non Italians must report ECG and cardiac stress test results testifying the athlete fitness.
All the runners must sign a declaration of self responsibility , relieving the organization of any responsibility in case of accident or damage during the race.


There will be two categories both for males and females: – Running. Competitive category with official timing AND ranking. – Nordic Walking and Walkers. Non-competitive cateogries with official timing, but NO ranking.

Categoria Walkers Divided in males and females.


Checks will take place on monday and will regard the compulsory medical certificate and the bureaucratic stuff.
After that, race bibs will be released; these must be weared unmodified (must fully show the printed brands) during the whole event.


The start of every leg will be given at the time reported during the briefing.
In stage 1 there will be one waterpoint at midway.
Stage 2 and will have a water point only at the end.
Stage 3 (Cala Saona) will have one waterpoint in the middle and stage 4 only at the finish line. In stage 5, the half marathon waterpoints are arranged in km 6, 11 and 17, although is recommended to carry at least a half litter of water considering it can be hot.
Littering along the itinerary will be cause of sudden disqualification for the runner. The water station will also be a check point for the runners.


The entire itinerary will be marked by the organization in the best way, according to the rules of the protected areas the race will enter.
Runners must be aware that only on the main itinerary the assistance – and possible rescue – of the organization will be granted.


In May/June average daily temperatures are 20°/28° C.
As each stage is in a different location, the track has different terrains: mainly gravel roads, with very low traffic, but not closed to it; in some legs rocky single tracks and beaches.


In the event of permanent withdraw, the competitor will immediately notify the organization and deliver the race number, but will remain the responsibility of the organization until the end of the race except in the case of medical repatriation.
In case instead of partial abandonment, which concerns the withdrawal from a stage, or the getting over from the time limit, the competitor will be imposed the maximum stage time, plus the penalty in time provided by the race direction, but may restart the following stages.


The times of each competitor will be timed in hours, minutes and seconds.
The sum of the times for each stage will determine the final classification which will obviously reward the shortest time spent.
The same for the Nordic Walking category, while for Walkers only order of arrival without timed ranking.


Medical assistance is provided during the race. Competitors participate under their responsibility, the organization will be relieved of any responsibility for accident, falls or illness during the race, and individuals cannot assign responsibility to third parties even in the event of contact or accident caused by them. The organization that is relieved of all responsibility in the event of injury, death or damage suffered by the athletes during the race, will take out an insurance policy with a Spanish company covering the accident during the race, valid for both Runners and Walkers The organization also holds an RSA civil liability insurance policy. Sun Insurance Office ltd N. 1006.1000002256 limit of € 1,000,000.00. For participating competitors with the complete travel package, a standard travel insurance policy is provided which also covers the risk of medical repatriation signed by the tour operator.


All rights for picutres and/or video regarding the “Formentera To Run” are reserved. Participants, with their subscription, give their authorization to the organization for the use of their name and pictures.
All the pictures and videos realized during the event can be used by the runners only for personal, private use, unless special authorization released by the organizers.

Art. 14 PRIZES

Cups and other prizes will be offered to the runners arrived in the first three positions of each category male and female.
Special awards will be offered by decision of the organization. To all the runners finishing the race, a medal will be offered.


Director holds the right to modify, under his unquestionable decision, any point of this reglement. The race Director furthermore holds the right to modify, under his unquestionable decision, the itinerary , the distance or the total number of legs, if technical, weather or safety conditions should require it.

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