Rules & Regulations 100km du Senegal

  • ART. 1 ORGANIZATION ZITOWAY Sport & amp; Adventure of Modena is the creator of the tender and custodian of the brand, takes care of the sports and logistics organization of the 14th edition of the “ 100 Km du Senegal” which will take place from 8/16 March 2020 The technical organization and exclusive distribution in Italy is managed by the travel agency Melville – Born 2 Run of Reggio Emilia.
  • ART. 2 DEFINITION OF THE RACE The “100 Km du Senegal” is a foot race in a desert environment over a distance of about 100 km divided into 4 fractions, one a day for 4 days.
  • ART. 3 SAFETY KIT Each competitor must compulsorily carry the equipment provided (safety kit) for the duration of the event, this equipment can be checked by the commissioners at any time and must be complete, under penalty of penalty imposed by the race direction. Mandatory material: • 1 liter of water (minimum quantity), • mineral salts, • survival cloth, • lighter, • whistle.
  • ART. 4 ACCEPTANCE OF THE REGULATION The entry to the competition by the competitors is in fact the element of acceptance of this regulation in all its forms and in all its amendments and authorizes the organization to any type of modification intervention of the same during the event as from next art. 17.
  • ART. 5 REGISTRATION CONDITIONS FOR REGISTRATION Competitors must be of age, men or women, and must submit a medical certificate issued by a sports medicine center certified with a stress test certifying the suitability to participate in this race. Alternatively, for Italian competitors, the Fidal card or similar where a fitness test with a stress test is required with the annual coupon valid. All participants must sign a release against the organization for the discharge of responsibility.
  • ART. 6 CATEGORIES There are two categories for both races: Category Men Category Women
  • ART. 7 CHECKS The checks will take place on Tuesday 10 December and will cover the check of the mandatory equipment, the medical certificate and the administrative requirements. At the end the numbered bibs will be delivered and must be carried for the entire duration of the race and must not be cut or modified and must show the marks shown on it.
  • ART. 8 RACE CONDUCT AND TAX TIME The start of each stage will be given in a group at the agreed time during the technical briefing. The maximum time is relative only to the marathon race and is set at 8 hours with a gate at 12.00 at the second refreshment point, 6 hours after the start. Competitors must start with at least 1.00 liters of water. During the 1st and 2nd stage there is only one refreshment with water at about half way, 2 refreshment points in the marathon. The abandonment of waste along the tracks by the competitors will cause their immediate exclusion from the race. During refueling the passages of the various competitors will be detected, these passages can also be verified in other checkpoints.
  • ART. 9 THE ROUTE The entire route will be signaled by the organization using blue cardboard tables indicating the direction to follow, this will be the axis of the route that the competitors must follow.
  • ART. 10 CLIMATIC CONDITIONS AND NATURE OF THE SOIL In the month of March in the area there are average daily temperatures of 20 ° / 35 ° during the day with negligible humidity percentages. During the night the average temperature is lowered significantly. The course of the test has a varied and non-uniform nature with a prevalence, in the first 3 stages, of fairly compact funds and well-runable tracks, only in the 4th stage will the sand prevail soft until the finish line is cut. In the event of a sandstorm that does not allow any visibility, the competitors must stop on the route axis and wait for the race marshals.
  • ART. 11 ABANDONMENT In the event of permanent abandonment, the competitor will immediately notify a commissioner and deliver the race number, but will remain the responsibility of the organization until the end of the race except in the case of medical repatriation. In the case of partial abandonment, which concerns the withdrawal from a stage, or the exit from the maximum time, the competitor will be imposed the maximum stage time, plus the penalty in time provided by the race direction, but may restart for the following stages.
  • ART. 12 CLASSIFICATIONS The times of each competitor will be timed in hours, minutes, seconds. The sum of the times for each fraction will determine the final classification which will obviously reward the shortest time spent.
  • ART. 13 MEDICAL ASSISTANCE and INSURANCE For Italian competitors only, an insurance policy is provided which covers the sole risk of medical repatriation combined with the travel package. During the race, medical assistance is provided, but the participants are aware that in case of urgency, the timeliness in the intervention is conditioned by the nature of the course, and by the difficulty of the movements. Competitors participate under their responsibility, the organization will be relieved of any responsibility for accidents, falls, encounters with animals or illness during the test, and individuals will not be able to assign responsibility to third parties even in case of contact or accident from them caused. No insurance obligation for civil risk is due by the organization that is relieved of any responsibility in case of injury, death or damage suffered by the athletes during the test. All Italians enrolled in the program enjoy standard Elvia Mondial Assistance insurance coverage (or other company) for the trip. The organization is in charge of a civil liability insurance policy R.S.A Sun Insurance Office ltd N. 1006.1000002256 ceiling of € 1,000,000.00. Foreign competitors can take out insurance policies from their country of origin for any medical assistance and repatriation
  • ART. 14 LOGISTIC ASSISTANCE The logistic arrangement during the event is scheduled at the Sossusvlei Lodge, the participants will be accommodated in the air-conditioned 2-bed bungalows and the catering service for breakfast lunch and dinner will be organized by the staff of Sossusvlei Lodge.
  • ART. 15 IMAGE COVERAGE All exclusive rights to use the images of the “100 Km of Namib Desert” are the organizers. The competitors, with the registration, allow to have their name and their image to the organization. Every photographic, video or cinematographic support realized during the test cannot be used by the competitors if not for private use, except for particular authorizations.
  • ART. 16 AWARDS Plaques are provided to the top 3 in the male and female category. Special prizes will also be awarded at the discretion of the organization. A medal is provided for each competitor who has reached the finish line.
  • ART. 17 ORGANIZATIONAL RIGHTS The Race Director reserves the right to intervene and modify, at his unquestionable judgment and for the reasons he will report at the briefing, all the points concerning this regulation. The race direction also reserves the right to modify the route at its own discretion, or the mileage or number of stages of the race due to weather conditions, or for safety or technical / organizational reasons.

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