Fuerteventura, in 4 stages:
For Runners:
every day you run in a different location on the island, which allows you to get to know Fuerteventura better. Stages of 9, 14, 12, and 21km.
For Walkers : equal distances except for the half marathon, where the kilometers become 9


If you take the package with accommodation, 7 nights with the All Inclusive system.

Double rooms with bathroom, shower and terrace.


Fully signposted route through high visibility tables, bows and flags and is patrolled by the organization's technical and medical assistance.
In case of need it will be possible to be recovered.

How much left to the next edition


The Race


PlaceRank sexPet.SexNameTappa 1Tappa 2Tappa 3Tappa 4Totale
1111MGENTILUCCI FRANCESCO0:34:130:57:120:49:041:34:483:55:17
222MBERNABEI FABRIZIO0:34:520:58:040:49:231:34:553:57:14
331MRAVASIO DANIELE0:34:521:01:180:52:371:43:244:12:11
4450MFACCIOLO VALERIO0:37:451:00:010:53:141:49:264:20:26
5534MBISCONTI ALESSANDRO0:36:551:01:410:53:481:52:184:24:42
664MFABRICA CALOGERO0:38:091:04:570:56:381:53:114:32:55
777MMUGNAINI GIAMPAOLO0:40:481:08:130:56:252:02:564:48:22
888MVELLANI CESARE0:42:141:08:280:58:031:59:594:48:44
9121FQUALIZZA FEDERICA0:40:101:09:410:58:552:04:394:53:25
1096MBORTOLOTTI ALBERTO0:42:141:07:401:01:392:15:435:07:16
11226FMULLONI GIOVANNA0:43:511:14:071:03:532:11:255:13:16
121016MSOMMARIVA GIORGIO CLAUDIO0:40:561:23:561:00:182:34:385:39:48
131119MCARELLE MARCO0:49:571:20:451:09:372:25:575:46:16
14318FDAL BELLO SAMANTHA0:50:281:24:091:10:002:25:575:50:34
15417FPATANIA ELISA0:50:071:23:561:11:212:34:386:00:02
16520FMUSIGH MARINA0:50:401:24:591:13:512:31:136:00:43
17631FTURRI SILVIA0:49:131:24:001:14:152:38:306:05:58
18730FPAPA PATRIZIA0:55:581:37:321:22:212:31:056:26:56
191223MBORGHI LUIGI0:50:501:25:431:15:063:07:406:39:19
20133MLOVISETTO ROBERTO0:57:281:38:011:27:092:43:416:46:19
2189FGINETTI NADA0:54:041:36:301:21:542:56:096:48:37
221422MTRENTA GIAN CARLO0:56:571:43:371:30:312:42:376:53:42
23925FFURLANETTO MARTA0:59:141:38:011:24:262:54:516:56:32
241029FPAULETIG PAOLA0:55:581:37:321:22:213:07:417:03:32
251110FRICCO LORELLA1:03:041:41:231:26:092:59:007:09:36
261233FLUPPI ELEONORA1:04:531:44:111:30:563:18:057:38:05
281428FGURRISI MARINELLA1:08:111:56:281:38:16DNF--:--:--
271324FPASTORI ANTONELLA1:08:111:56:281:38:16DNF--:--:--
291513MRUSCONI PAOLO GIOVANNI0:54:29DNF1:24:312:43:14--:--:--
301527FRAGNOLI MONICA1:28:292:26:532:18:24DNF--:--:--
311632MACCURSO MANUEL0:33:590:58:270:49:38DNS--:--:--
351951MSPEZIE PAOLODNSDNSDNS2:45:26--:--:--
W70FBACCI SERENAWalkerWalkerWalkerWalkerWalker
W71FBARELLA CRISTINAWalkerWalkerWalkerWalkerWalker
W74MBELZUINO FABRIZIOWalkerWalkerWalkerWalkerWalker
W75FBERNABEI ANGELAWalkerWalkerWalkerWalkerWalker
W76FBESSEGA GIULIANAWalkerWalkerWalkerWalkerWalker
W77MBRUNI SAMUELEWalkerWalkerWalkerWalkerWalker
W78MDUPRE WALTERWalkerWalkerWalkerWalkerWalker
W79FFALANA LUANAWalkerWalkerWalkerWalkerWalker
W80FGUIDI GIULIAWalkerWalkerWalkerWalkerWalker
W82FPARLATONI GIULIAWalkerWalkerWalkerWalkerWalker
W83MPICCINI FRANCESCOWalkerWalkerWalkerWalkerWalker
W86FRUTIGLIANO MANUELAWalkerWalkerWalkerWalkerWalker
W87MSARTORATO PAOLOWalkerWalkerWalkerWalkerWalker
W88FSOGGIA FRANCESCAWalkerWalkerWalkerWalkerWalker
W89FTOSI BRANDI ROBERTAWalkerWalkerWalkerWalkerWalker

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Hotel Labranda****

+ € 60, Agency Tax
  • Flight from Italia
  • Transfer Airport-Hotel
  • 6 notti in camera doppia
  • ALL inclusive
  • 1 auto per camera 6 gg.
  • Insurance
  • Assistance Alpitour in airport and hotel
  • Race organization and assistance, refreshments.

Hotel Labranda****

+ € 60, Agency Tax
  • 6 nights in a double room
  • 1 car per room 6 days
  • ALL Inclusive
  • Insurance
  • 1 car per room 6 days
  • Insurance medical-luggage
  • Assistance Alpitour in airport and hotel

Iscrizione gara

Arrange your own flight
In combination with the stay package, DISCOUNT of € 150 on the standard bib fee.
  • Bib Number
  • NB Technical TShirt
  • NB Cotton Tshirt
  • Technical assistance
  • Medical assistance during the race (with Italian doctors)
  • Water points
  • Medal
  • Insurance
  • Swag bag of the " Media Marathon Intentional Dunas de Fuerteventura"


If you want to choose your own hotel, transport and scooter, you can register HERE anyway


Come with us to Fuerteventura
Click here


Here the

Monday 25 October 2021


Appointment with the participants at the airports of Bologna, Verona, Milan and Rome in their respective times. Next boarding destination Fuerteventura Arrival of flights to Fuerteventura and transfer by bus of 30 km to Corralejo at the relevant hotels, registration and assignment of rooms.
  • Hours 18.00 meeting staff presentation and official opening of the event at the Labranda Corralejo Village hotel
  • 19.00 technical checks and bib assignment
  • 20.00 Dinner and overnight as scheduled
  • Tuesday 26 October 2021

    Rest day

    Breakfast at the hotel if scheduled
  • 9.30 am Assignment of cars based on information received in the facilities by time and place of collection Late morning optional visit to the island of Lobos, crossed by about 15 minutes – strongly recommended- < / em>
  • 20.00 Dinner and overnight
  • Wednesday 27 October 2021

    Stage 1, 8,5 km.

    Wake up, breakfast and short transfer to the starting area of the first test in Majanincho.
    1st stage about 9.00 km Transfer 8.5 km on the scenic north road on dirt road
  • 8.30 am car convoy departure from the hotel 9.30 am start of the race test Lunch and free afternoon 20.00 dinner and overnight
  • Thursday 28 October 2021

    Stage 2, 14km.

    Wake up for breakfast and transfer to Tindaya for the 14 km test

    • 8.30 am departure of the car train from the hotel
    • 9.30 am start of the race test

      Lunch and afternoon free with optional excursions by Mountain Bike, Quad or Buggy

    • 19.00 pm meeting at the hall meetings of the structure indicated with the projection of the photos of the 1st and 2nd day
    • 8.00 pm Dinner and overnight stay

    Friday 29 October 2021

    Stage 3, 12km.

    Wake up for breakfast and transfer to El Cotillo for the 12 km test
  • 8.30 am departure of the car transport from the hotel delivery of the bibs of the “Media Marathon Intenacional Dunas de Fuerteventura” < / strong>
  • 9.30 am start of the race test Lunch and free afternoon
  • 20.00 pm Dinner to follow overnight stay
  • 20.15 pm briefing of the Spanish organization at hotel Papagayo (optional)
  • Saturday 30 October 2021

    Stage 4, 21km.

    Wake up breakfasttransfer on foot of about 1 km in the half marathon start area at the “Campanario” shopping center
  • 9.30 am start “Media Marathon Intenacional Dunas de Fuerteventura “
  • 13.00 award ceremony of the race Lunch and afternoon free with optional optional guided excursion by quad or bugghy along the dirt tracks of the island
  • 19.00 meeting in the meeting room with the projection of the photos of the 3rd and 4th test with subsequent awards of the Fuerteventura to Run
  • 8.00 pm Dinner and overnight stay
  • Sunday 31 October 2021

    Day at leisure

    Wake up breakfast
    FREE DAY to visit the island (guided excursion on 4×4 vehicles to the extreme tip south of the island with passages in the most famous beaches and lunch at the lighthouse. “Optional”)
    Late car delivery afternoon
    Dinner and overnight

    Monday 1 November 2021

    Back home

    Wake up and breakfast
    Transfer by bus to the airport in time for the return flight to the various airports

    Here following

    What documents do I need to travel? Passport or ID

    • Do we need vaccinations? No
    • What is the official currency in Fuerteventura? Euro
    • Can I use an European SIM card? YES
    • Do I need a license? YES


    Where is Fuerteventura?It is part of the Canary Islands, located in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Morocco. They are part of Spain.

    • What is the official language?? Spanish
    • In what area of Fuerteventura the race takes place? In the northern part of the island, having Corralejo as its base.
    • How’s weather? Temperate but always windy. During the race period it is optimal.
    • Is there really a lot of wind? Enough at certain times of the year but not in November
    • How’re temperatures? 18/28ºc all year long
    • What time zone is it in? GMT 0 (The difference is one hour less than in Italy.)
    • What is the terrain like? Mostly compact and rocky terrain, with medium height differences. The last stage has a good part on sand.
    • What animals can be encountered along the way? Goats


    • What is the mandatory material? There is nothing mandatory
    • How the route is signposted? High visibility strips and flags
    • What is the terrain like, and what percentage of the race is on the road and trail? Most of the itinerary takes place on compact and rocky dirt roads.
    • Where do I put the waste along the way? The waste must be kept with you, in your backpack or competition pouch, and thrown to the refreshment points
    • What will be in the refreshments? Water, tea, soft drinks, fruit, biscuits
    • Does the cell phone take along the way? Yes,  almost everywhere ovunque
    • To participate in the race, do I need a medical certificate of competitive fitness? Yes
    • Should I take out a personal insurance? It’s included.
    • Are there staff Zitoway staff along the way? Yes, different means, including that of the medical service, follow the race from start to finish.
    • In case of bad weather the race takes place the same? Yes, except in exceptionally severe conditions.
    • Is there internet in the accommodations ? Yes
    • Which plug (adapter) do I need? European
    • What do you eat with meals? The meals are buffet style with a wide variety of choices: meat, fish, pasta, rice, various vegetables, bread, pizza, cheeses and desserts.
    • I have food needs what can I do? They should be reported to the Born2Run agency which will inform the resort
    • I would like to bring my young children. Is there a babysitting service during the race? No
    • What are the most suitable shoes for running the Fuerteventura To Run? The terrain is medium compact and rocky with various sections along the cliffs which can be insidious. We recommend fairly structured trail shoes that offer good ankle support.
    • And which socks are better? Techniques for trail running, even separate toe socks work very well.
    • How should I dress for the race? The usual running clothing is suitable for the conditions; to consider the presence of the wind which can also be quite strong.
    • I do Fuerteventura To Run as a RUNNER: Are poles useful? Not necessarily
    • What can I put in an emergency kit suitable for the areas?A broad spectrum antibiotic, an anti-diarrheal, an anti-pyretic (Tachipirina), a pain reliever (Brufen, Oki or similar). However, there is 24-hour medical assistance for the duration of the race.
    • Are there insects, mosquitoes, ticks etc? No
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