Dear Friends, following the health situation caused by COVID 19,
we communicate that the edition of Formentera To Run 2020 will be postponed to next 2021.
We really hope to see you all next year.


The only Half Marathon of TRAIL Running in Formentera.
The Runners
run the distance of 21.1 km on the hills of La Mola, the only uphill area on the island and an enchanting place.
For Walkers : the distance becomes 9 km. but beauty is the same


Sporting weekend in the smallest island in the Balearics.
Take the opportunity to make a wonderful weekend of relaxation and add the Formentera TRAIL 21.1 to make it the perfect weekend!


The route is fully marked via high visibility arrows, bows and flags and is patrolled by the technical and medical assistance of the organization where the terrain allows it.
In case of need it is possible to be assisted by a doctor

How much left to the next edition


The Race

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Race registration

Arrange your own flight
Race bib
  • Bib number
  • Swag bag
  • Technical assistance
  • Medical assistance in competition
  • Refreshing points
  • Medal
  • Insurance

Race Registration

Runners and Walkers
Race Bib
  • Bib Number
  • Swag bag
  • Technical assistance
  • Medical assistance during the race (with Italian doctors)
  • Refreshments to replace lunch
  • Medal
  • Insurance

Here the

Friday 4 June 2021

Bib numbers withdrawal

From 16.00 to 20.00 at Hotel Riu la Mola , technical checks, race parcel delivery, bib and chip assignment
*** (security deposit of € 10 will be required upon return of the chip the deposit will be returned)

Saturday 5 June 2021

NB Formentera TRAIL 21.1

  • 8.00 am Faro de la Mola to reach with own vehicles that will be parked in the start / finish area and delivery of the bibs to the residents of Ibiza and Palma only (upon presentation residence document without any exception)
  • 8.45 am technical briefing on the test
  • hours 9.00 start of the race of 21.1 km (max time 3.00)
  • 12.00 closing time of the race, prize giving paella party offered to all members < / li>
  • 12.30 pm awarding of the “NB Formentera Trail 21.1” .

    All individual athletes including those in the stage race NB will be classified in the individual race Formentera to Run.

    The Walkers will have a reduced route of approximately 9.00 km.

Here following

  1. What documents do I need to travel? Identity card or passport
  2. Do you need vaccinations? No </ li>
  3. What is the official currency in Formentera? </ B> Euro </ li>
  4. Is my SIM card (for the mobile phone) good? In Europe there is no Roaming. </ li>
  5. Do I need a scooter license? Yes </ li>
    </ Ol>
  1. Where is Formentera? Located in the Balearic Islands, off the Spanish coast
  2. What is the official language? Spanish </ li>
  3. In which area of ​​Formentera does the race take place? It takes place in various parts of the island.
  4. What is the climate like? Warm, but normally not excessive and well ventilated
  5. How are the temperatures? In the race period 25-28 degrees
  6. What time zone is it? The same as Spain GMT +1
  7. What is the terrain like? The terrain varies greatly depending on the stages. They range from hard and compact soils, to other rocky ones that require a bit of attention due to the presence of stones, up to the more clearly sandy ones
  8. Which animals can be encountered along the way No one dangerous
  9. </ Ol>
  1. What is the mandatory material? Nothing mandatory </ li>
  2. How is the route marked? With bows and fluorescent orange arrows and flags
  3. What is the terrain like, and what percentage of the race is on the road and trail? Except for very short sections, it is completely off road
  4. Where do I put rubbish along the way? The rubbish should be kept with you, in your backpack or racing pouch
  5. What will be in the water points? Water, tea, fruit and biscuits
  6. Is there phone coverage along the route? Yes, almost everywhere
  7. To take part in the competition, do I need a medical certificate? Only Italians </ li>
  8. Should I sign up for a personal insurance? </ B> The organization has one but is good to complement. </ li>
  9. Are there any Zitoway Staff along the way? Yes, various vehicles and scooters, including the medical service, follow the race from start to finish.
  10. In case of bad weather the race takes place anyway? Yes </ li>
    </ Ol>
  1. Is there internet in the accommodations? It depends on which one you choose but usually yes.
  2. Which plug (adapter) do I need to charge the devices in the hotel? Normal European plugs
  3. I have food needs what can I do? The final lunch offered for the organization has no options.
  1. What are the best shoes for running Formentera Trail 21.1? The soil is moderately compact and rocky with various stretches along cliffs and paths that can be tricky. We recommend Trail Running shoes that provide good ankle support and feet protection.
  2. And which socks are better? Any technical running socks will work good although the ones with separate finger are good to avoid blisters.
  1. How should I dress for the race? The usual running clothing is suitable for this race; to consider the possible presence of wind.
  2. I do the Formentera Trail 21.1 as RUNNER: Are the poles useful? No </ li>
    1. What can I put in an emergency kit suitable for the areas? There is medical assistance for the duration of the race, but if you want to take your own medicines, you can use: A broad-spectrum antibiotic, an anti-diarrheal, an anti-pyretic and a painkiller.
    2. There are insects, mosquitoes etc? No

</ Ol>

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