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The 100 km del Sahara during Covid-19 time

Dear Friends,
this 20 Anniversary Edition of 100 km del Sahara, had to be a very special one. It will really be special, so special we couldn’t even imagine.
We are living tough moments, complicated, a time we’re not used to. In these moments keeping our dreams and passions alive cam be of great help, at least to better stand this hard but necessary lockdown.
From our end, we went on working on our next events; we expecially thought, given the present situation, to reset services and logistics of our 20th Edition of the 100km del Sahara, planning possible safety measures in order to make the event compliant to all safety and hygiene rules.
Of course, if the situation should improve compared to nowadays, the rules can be relieved, on the basis of our medical staff indications.
For sure it will be a new experience, but we’re sure that one thing won’t change: the emotions offered by a unique, natural and pure environment, the desert. And the chance to share these emotions with many friends and running enthusiasts, even if with the due respect of safety rules.
What will change ?
Besides the normally required documents, a self-declaration of Covid-19 negativity condition will be necessary.
We’ll respect of course all the rules the international airlines will set for the recovery of the normal air traffic: masks, gloves, teperature check, safety distance and any other requirement.
All the domestic transfers will take place by bus. All the participants will be provided with mask (branded) and gloves. On 50 seats buses, only 30 passengers will be admitted, in order to keep an adequate sfatey distance.
All hotel accommodations will be in single or double rooms with twin beds. Lunch and dinner will be by buffet, with safety distanced line and two-people, distanced tables.
Accommodations at camps will be in single tent (provided by the organization); no more 6 people nomadic tents. Every client will have a single tent in use, showing the same race bib number; this tent will be the same for the entire race, in all camps. The tent will be managed directly by the client, with possible staff instructions for the first night.
The mattress – besides the sleeping bag – must be personal and brought by the participant, in order to avoid mixing up.
The meals will be continuously served from 12 am to 9 pm; the possible line must respect the prescribed safety distances. The dining tend won’t exist anymore, only a meal distribution tent will work; in it no meal can be consumed. The meals can be consumed outside in the camp ground, in front of own tent or with other runners around the bonfire area, but always respecting the safety distances. Individual trays will be provided to every participant.
Sharing rest and leisure moments will be possible, making use of the protections and always respecting the safety distances.
Infirmary, race direction, press and services tents will operate following the mentioned safety rules.
Showers will be open H24, with the same safety rules.
Medical and race assistance staff will be completely active during the race and in pre- and post-race time. Every staff member will work using masks, gloves and respecting all the safety measures.
All the legs will be organized with staggered timing: one start every 30 seconds. Together with the starting time an individual “call” time to the start line will be showed on the notice board. The starting order will be reversed compared to the rank, except for the first leg; it will be compulsory to show up on the start line not before 5 minutes from the starting time and keeping the safety distance. This will allow to better manage berakfast and lunch hours, with staggered starts and arrivals; the dinner will be self-managed as for time and line, always respecting the safety measures (distance and mask).
Water points will be organized with the due respect of distances; runners must use their provided personal cup, while the staff will work with mask and gloves – as all the staff members during services at the camps.
The award ceremony, dinner and final party will be organized depending on the situation, without over-gathering and respecting the safety measures.

All the best and see you soon
Zitoway Staff

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