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For the 20th edition of the 100km del Sahara, Zitoway Sport & Adventure are proud to present 3 unique, challenging programmes to celebrate twenty years of Zitoway desert running.

Our 20th edition confirms the 100km del Sahara multi-stage programme, although we go back to our origins, with 4 stages of 25km each, ideal for runners who enjoy shorter, faster distances or for nordic walkers and walkers.

We are also delighted to announce two new programmes for 2020, both are ultra distances: the 100km del Sahara Non-stop race, and finally the epic Sahara Grand Slam 100 + 100km – where runners will take on both the muti-stage 100km AND the 100km Non-stop… totaling 200km!

In stages

100km del Sahara
4th to 11th October


As a celebration of the race's 20th anniversary, we go back to the original formula adopted for Zitoway's first edition  in 2000:
the 100km del Sahara in 4 stages of 25 km.
This formula is open to Runners, Walkers and Nordic Walkers


No Stop

100km del Sahara Non-stop
11th to 16th October


After almost 10 years Zitoway Sport and Adventure welcomes back the

100km del Sahara Non-stop!

An Ultramarathon well suited to the experienced ultra runner.
This formula is only open to Runners

No Stop

Grand Slam

Sahara Grand Slam 100+100km
4th to 16 October


Zitoway Sport and Adventure is proud to introduce an epic formula for 2020 - the Sahara Grand Slam 100+100 programme. This option offers runners the possibility to run the double distance of first the 100km del Sahara 4 stage race AND then the 100km del Sahara Non-stop, with a total distance of 200 km.
This formula is only open to Runners

Grand Slam

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